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My dad and I saw it tonight; so pretty much the same as everyone has said, the concert part is great, the "movie" part is lame and really pulls down the overall product. I felt like the balance was way out of wack in terms of the concert vs the movie; for example at the start, Creep, Bellz and Fuel are played which total roughly 15-20 minutes, but the movie footage only pops in for a total of 2 minutes and all it is the kid driving

and movie you are not deep like Citizen Kane you cannot tease "what's in the bag? Wooooooooo" and not show what it is; for all I know it could have been a giant shit from the horse in the movie

In the end, the kid lights himself on fire, pretends he is Thor and yet he doesn't share with us what he smoked to achieve those hallucinations?

Overall I loved the concert footage the 3D was there and not overbearing; in fact I would be more interested in getting the DVD if they released just the whole show. But alas they won't and the "movie" really brings this down for me

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