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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Wow, after so many years being right too. It's a shame to end it like this.

Oh well, you had a good run.
Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Well, that does it. The dementia is setting in. Time to take Dad to the old folks home.
Why is this band awesome? Because they're from Sweden and every metal band from Sweden automatically gets respect? Fuck that.

It damn sure isn't their live show, I'll tell you that. I was there, and it was awful. AWFUL. I've seen bands I hate phone in better sets than Katatonia, and for the record, I went into the show with no bias against them whatsoever. I was unimpressed with what I'd heard online, but totally willing to admit I hadn't researched them much and that they might be good live.

They weren't. Having to sit through their set was such an annoyance that I left the show early to get away from the suckdom. My buddy who went with me agreed 100%, and he's pretty open-minded and has pretty broad taste in music as well.

This papa ain't deaf or senile. I know what I heard and it made me want to hurt people.

EDIT: On a positive note, Cult of Luna absolutely slayed and thus the night was still awesome. I'll write about it one day. Maybe.
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