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Here's a listing of some ideas the WWE has for future DVD releases. I think that while the WWE does have a goldmine with all the libraries they've bought the last few years a lot of these seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel. Best of Santino Comedy Hour? Wow, that would suck. Best of Velocity? I've been dying to see Chavo Guerrero verses Chuck Palumbo again. A Christmas Collection...really? And I think we've got enough Stone Cold, Shawn Micheals, John Cena and Rock compilations. Yeah, they're running out of stuff.

They only ones I'd be interested in are another Jericho comp (there's still a lot of great WCW stuff and early WWF stuff out there), a WCW "Best of" and a Best of RVD.

There's a shit ton of stuff I'd want to see released but I'm one of the few who'd want to see a Best of Raven or Sabu collection so I know that will never happen.
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