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I was debating going to the Toronto show the night before. I didn't end up going, and i'm somewhat glad I skipped out on it with that setlist which is just a greatest hits set with some new songs (that and because of the venue choice + AA opening). They always put on a good live show though, and I do regret not seeing them with Head for the first time since 2003. Oh well. I've seen 'em 6 times.

What was the age range at this show, out of curiosity? I'd expect it to be mostly 20-somethings but with Asking Alexandria opening were there a lot of teenagers (not including kids with their parental chaperones who are likely the Korn fans of the group).

Originally Posted by sarsip View Post
I am not a Korn fan, but their version of Another Brick is so good.
I think you're the first non-Korn fan i've seen say anything good about that cover.
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