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GWAR -- Milwaukee, WI -- October 3rd, 2013

So I was just going to see GWAR when they hit mojoes in joliet illinois november 9th but i wont tickets to the show so I made the hour and a half drive to Milwaukee last night.

When we got there A Band Of Orcs was on and let me say these guys fucking rule!!!!!! I was blown away by there solos and the drums and there costumes are incredible. Life Long fan now of them.

Iron Reagan was meh not into thrash.

Whitechapel was awesome as usual.

GWAR for the 17th time seeing them did not disappoint. They put on such an amazing show its unbelievable. They now have like statues on stage that constantly shoot blood into the crowd during half the set and its a strong pulse of it. Im not going to ruin any of the stage show but you guys will love it... Plus they kill Justin Bieber haha.

GWAR (Not in Order)

1. Maddness at the Core of Time
2. The Salamanizer
3. Hail Genocide
4. I Hate Love Songs
5. Torture
6. Bloodbath
7. Preschool Prostitute
8. Let Us Slay
9. They Swallowed the Sun
10. Jack the World
11. Sick Of You
12. Metal Metal Land
13. Bring Back the Bomb
14. Ham of the Bone
15. Get Out of My Dreams Get Into My Car
10-1 Korn
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