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King Diamond like he told us he'd be coming in 2013(that never happened).

Big 4 of Grind tour : Napalm Death/Carcass/Repulsion/Nausea(doing pure Terroizer songs)

FLAG doing shows in LA instead of overpriced fests.

Dream $WAG Tour : OFWGKTA/A$AP Rocky/Lil B/Spaceghostpurrp/and for some reason Death Grips is in the mix

A full tour for The Locust

Sodom for fucks sake

More Danzig legacy (Samhain!!!)

Mayhem doing pure Euornymous stuff

Motorhead with a better setlist
10/24-Judas Priest/AtTheGates/Inquisition/BodyCount/EarthCrisis
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