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Exhumed -- Kansas City, MO -- October 1st, 2013

In The Name Of Gore
Forged In Fire (Forged In Flame)
Coins Upon The Eyes
Limb From Limb
All Guts, No Glory
As Hammer To Anvil
Decrepit Crescendo
The Rotting
Guitar Solo
The Matter Of Splatter

Full review + pictures tomorrow. Great sets all around from all bands - might have been the best I've ever seen Exhumed.

Exhumed: 9.5/10
Troglodyte: 9/10
Marasmus: 8.5/10
06/20 - Disentomb
06/21 - Taake
06/23 - Extremely Rotten
07/02 - Celeste/Primitive Man
07/13 - Black Breath
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