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Leaked earlier and I went to check it out, trying to be hopeful that maybe Head might be the kick in the ass that they so desperately needed. In a word, no. Head has made no difference whatsoever to this album. Opening song Prey For Me, not a terrible song. That is about as good as it gets. Everything else is still boring. Nothing that would make anybody draw any kind of similarities to the glory days of Korn from the 90s. Boring songwriting, boring music. I was really a huge fan of the album right before the dubstep album and felt like they were more in the right direction w/ that. This is a pretty big step back considering Head came back.

I still love older Korn but this is a forgettable album. As much of a non fan of the Untitled album, which I thought was their low point (dubstep album not included) there was still 2-3 songs I liked from it. This has 1, maybe 2 decent songs. Another bad one from Korn. Please get that funk element back that you used to have. You have one of the more distinctive sounding bass players in metal/hard rock. Try using him where you can actually hear his bass.
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