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Metallica - Through the Never

So I ended up going to the public premier last night in SF since one of my friends friends bailed, James showed (as advertised) and said a few things while people took pictures.
It seems like every concert film has a different concert to film ratio. This one was a little more concert than I was expecting from the advertising.
I saw it in Imax 3D, so the picture and sound couldn't get any better. As a concert (film) alone, it was by far the best thing I've ever seen. Every view, angle and close up you could imagine and more.
I figure a lot of you guys will be seeing it at some point so I'll go into spoiler mode.

To me, the whole "movie" outside of the show was a spectacle to keep you sort of engaged while you're sitting down for a 90 minute concert in a movie theater. It was surreal, confusing and ultimately pointless. The cliffhanger (no pun intended) was really stupid, really shoved in there as something for everyone to talk about on the way out.
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