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Originally Posted by elturtleboy View Post
Sodom- In The Sign Of Evil / Obsessed By Cruelty

Nevertheless, petty examples aside, what I said is EXACTLY what most elitists do when it comes to thrash bands. Even when those bands have released better stuff since.

Anyway, as for recommendations, I say never start with a studio album unless it's a band who really only has one or two good ones in their catalogue, or a band who drastically changed their style and you only like one part of their career. I also think it's always most relevant to start with something that sounds like the band do now.

Obviously for Havok that doesn't really matter, and with Xentrix it doesn't either because they only have a couple of albums, and none of them are recent. So:

Destruction: The Curse of The Antichrist Live In Agony. It's a brilliant double live album, an up-to-date setlist, more or less, and sounds like they do now. If you want studio specifically, then 'Thrash Anthems'. It's older stuff, most of which they play live, re-recorded to sound like they do now. Far more relevant than starting at the beginning.

Havok: Either of the first two, they're basically the same. The third one isn't quite as good (still good though). I recall 'Burn' exciting me more than 'Time Is Up'.

Xentrix: can't really go wrong with anything with the Chris Astley on vocals, but my favourite is 'Kin'. If it's for a live show though, they don't play anything from that, so 'For Whose Existence?' will give you the most songs you'll see in a live set.

Sodom: One Night In Bangkok is the most relevant here, but I don't know what the recording quality of that is like. I'd start with 'The Final Sign of Evil', which is an up-to-date re-recording of their debut EP, plus extras. 'M-16' is probably my favourite regular studio album. Alternatively, the '30 Years Sodomized' compilation is very comprehensive, and includes a bunch of unreleased material, so won't be a wasted purchase if you turn out to like them enough to buy more stuff.

And since you're in the UK, has both those Destruction ones and several others, including the newest one, cheap. They have a bunch of Sodom cheap too.

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