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Terrorizer -- Largo, FL -- September 14th, 2013

I randomly came across this on youtube. Not sure if it is appropriate to call this Terrorizer or The Pete Sandoval project. Anyways, I guess the SAME FUCKING day that there was a giant festival in LA honoring the life of Jesse Pintado, Pete decided to get a band together to play all of World Downfall at a backyard gig. This was even after he backed out of playing a special Terrorizer set with Resistant Culture at the festival.

Here is the video of the show. The sound quality is really good for a backyard gig. I'm really glad to hear Pete was able to play the songs again.

After World Obliteration
Storm of Stress
Fear of Napalm
Human Prey
Corporation Pull-In
Strategic Warheads
Condemned System
Enslaved by Propaganda
Need to Live
Ripped to Shreds
Whirlwind Struggle
Dead Shall Rise
World Downfall
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