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Tonight's Show

Vektor- Tetrastructural Minds
Cold- Kill The Music Industy
James LaBrie- Agony
Dark Tranquillity - The New Build
Meshuggah- Future Breed Machine
Amon Amarth- The Pursuit Of Vikings
Shadows Fall- The Light That Blinds
We Are Legion- Exit Humanity
We Are Legion- Bully Breed
Adora Vivos- These Dark Roads
Deretla- Time Child
Armored Saint- Mad House
Badlands- High Wire
Black Sabbath- Supernaut
The Night Flight Orchestra- Miami 5:02
Kyng- Falling Down
Kilgore- Steamroller
Sevendust- Till Death
Avenged Sevenfold- I Won't See You Tonight Part 1
Avenged Sevenfold- I Won't See You Tonight Part 2
Sikth- Part of the Friction
Machine Head- Seasons Wither
Killswitch Engage- The Call
Toxic Holocaust- Nuke the Cross
Paradise Lost- Close Your Eyes
Funeral Age- Enslaving Grace
Elvenking- Pagan Purity
SepticFlesh- The Vampire Of Nazerath
Maudlin Of The Well- Gleam in Ranks
PsyOpus- Insects
Polkadot Cadaver- A Wolf In Jesus Skin
Sear Bliss- The Eternal Quest
Russian Circles New Macabre
Screaming Savior Star of Fatality
Enslaved Roots Of The Mountain
Gojira- Wisdom Comes
Celtic Frost- Circle Of The Tyrants
Devin Townsend- Planet Smasher
Death Angel- Lord Of Hate
Vreid- The Reap
Iron Reagan- I Tripped That testament A New Asshole
GWAR- Metal Metal Land
Iron Regan- Drop the Gun
Coroner- Read My Scars
Iced Earth When The Night Falls
Cynic- Integral Birth
Circus Maximus- Architect of Fortune
Frank Zappa- Bobby Brown Goes Down
Throwdown Baby Got Back (Sir Mix A Lot Cover)
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