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Originally Posted by anomynous View Post
Devourment dropped off the tour. It's on their forums. Apparently they dropped off 2 months ago, but Relapse & Pantheon Agency won't let them announce it or something.
Here's the official announcement posted today on their Facebook:

As alot of you may already know, it is with deep sorrow that I have to announce that we had to drop off the Exhumed, Dying Fetus tour going down this October. It was something we confirmed in July. The reason for the delay in the announcement is that we had to wait for approval from the booking agency. There are alot of moving parts to putting a tour on and there are business reasons to time these type of things accordingly. I'm personally not a fan of this aspect of being in a band, that's the way it is. We want to sincerely apologize, first and foremost, to any of our fans who are disappointed by this. Also to the bands we let down who are commencing the tour, as well as Relapse records. Dropping off was an absolute last resort. The reason for it, in a nutshell is that Ruben Rosas was not able to commit to the tour for personal reasons, and shortly after, Eric Park followed suit shortly after, also for personal reasons. Its sucks, we all feel awful about it. but life gets in the way sometimes and every individual has to prioritize. For these guys, the tour was not in theirs and their families best interest. I tried to salvage what I could to honor our commitment by trying to arrange, what I felt, was the only acceptable alternative, and that was asking Brain Wynn and Brad Fincher of Meshiha to take their places, as they could instantly jump on and play old songs, but they declined. So Chris and I decided the only option was to drop off. As for the state of the band, Ruben's and Eric's involvement is unknown at the current moment. Chris and I will regroup and work on a solution in the coming months. I encourage all of you to go and see this tour regardless, and show your support. Sincerely, Mike M.
They were one of the main reasons I bought my ticket already so this sucks. But oh well, I still have yet to see Fetus headline.
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