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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Throw this in the RUMOR file, but I have been hearing a lot of reports that Pete has turned into a Born Again Christian ever since having to step down from the band and wants to come back to help spread the word of God...which I don't think the other guys would welcome.

This is not my rumor, I would have made something completely better up if I was faking it.
Well, considering that he has recently been posting tons of Bible verses and Christian sentiments on his Facebook page, I'd say it's more than just a rumor that he's become a Born-Again Christian.

Just scroll through his feed and see for yourself.

Now, how this relates to his standing in MA, I have no clue. He and the band have been mum on that.

I could see this turning into a Dave Suzuki/Vital Remains type situation though where he's already left the band and neither party officially addresses it, and the band just moves on without him.
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