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Anal Cunt - Delicious Face Style
Operation Ivy - Vulnerability
Wu-Tang Clan - Chrome Wheels
Green Day - In The End
The Fartz - Take A Stand(Against The Klan)
xBrainiax - Nothing Punk
Brujeria - Los Tengo Colgando
U.K. Subs - Ice Age
Dismantle - Illusions
Necrophagia - Children of the Vortex
Morbid Saint - Living Misery
Rage Against The Machine - Wind Below
Malveillance -Injection
Necros- What Have We Got
Cannibal Corpse -Drowning In Viscera
Gallows - Cult Of Mary
Charles Bronson - Whatever Happened?
Marky Ramones & The Intruders -Probation
Progeria - Ulteriros
MK-Ultra- Drone
Rancid - It's Quite Alright
Darkthrone- The Church Of Real Metal
FEAR- Waiting For The Meat
Crossed Out - Advice
Iron Reagan - Paycheck
9/13-Gruesome/Skeletal Remains
9/16-Black Breath/Battalion Of Saints?
9/18-Asshole Parade/To The Point
10/31-Gehenna/Full Of Hell
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