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I got a PS3 just for this.
So far the game is great.
The soundtrack is perfect. The Germs,Black Flag,FEAR,Suicidal Tendecies,T.S.O.L.,Descendents,Circle Jerks,OFF!,Agent Orange,Weirdos,Youth Brigade,Ceremony,Queen,Johnny Caash,N.W.A.,Ice Cube,Outkast,Tyler, The Creator,A$AP Rocky,and Herchitoz Band. Finally music that I would actually kill people to.
They took some stuff out,but oh well. So far its great and being able to be 3 diffrent dudes is great. As always I love customizing my characters. I made Michael look like Lee Ving from FEAR,Franklin as MC Ride,and Trevor as Nicolas Cage.
1/28-Code Orange/Disgrace?
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