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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Reckless Records
Reckless is the most well-known and most established joint, but there are others as well. Laurie's Planet of Sound is pretty awesome, and there's a damn decent store attached to Reggie's as well.

Speaking of which, a few decent metal venues to Google before you make your trip are Reggie's, Metro, Subterranean, The Empty Bottle, Bottom Lounge, Ultra Lounge and EXIT. These are where most of the punk / metal acts that come through town stop (aside from the larger commercial joints like HOB or the Riviera for major acts).

Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
For food :

Ginos East
The Squared Circle (wrestling restaurant)
I don't know anything about the Squared Circle, but those other joints are teh tits ( . )( . )

Also, you have to get either some Italian beef or a Chicago style dog while you're in the area. Al's Beef has both (although their beef is better than their dogs), and they have locations all over the city. My favorite is the one right across from Gino's East on W. Ontario at Wells. There are so many great hot dog places it's impossible to recommend just one. Google that shit and decide for yourself, based on your travel plans. Most of them are far better than anything you've ever had outside of Chicago, so you basically can't go wrong. I personally like Murphy's Red Hots and Hot Doug's.

Finally, if you're in a more discerning mood and have the cash, Chi-town has a lot of excellent steak places. I recommend the Chicago Chop House (which, incidentally, is two blocks east of Al's Beef and Gino's East on W. Ontario).
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