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Originally Posted by InFlamesOfBirchmen View Post
As someone who is just now getting into Misfits (yeah, it took a while) will seeing this just make me sad or does Jerry do a decent job?
The most I've seen live is a video of them doing Hollywood Babylon (one of my all time favourites) and I really didn't like it. And by all accounts their last album was terrible. I'm really just going because I'm going on a road trip, I was looking for any shows in any of the towns I'm going to be in that I am remotely interested in, and this was really the only one. I'm sure it'll still be good and they're going to play some songs I love. But I saw Danzig and Doyle just last month and I know this will pale in comparison.

They put out a live album a year or two ago that was just Jerry Only Danzig stuff. If their live show is like that I'll be crushed.

If you're new to the Misfits you probably just won't be impressed. I've been a fan for almost twenty years so I'll probably be a lot sadder. But maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.
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