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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
I love blink-182 with all my heart, but their setlists aren't the greatest. Mark did an IAMA on reddit a while back and someone asked if they would ever do some deeper cuts in the setlist, and he said something akin to "no one wants to hear that" which caused EVERYONE to be like "UM YEAH WE ACTUALLY WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THAT" but I don't think he got the message.

He also said the current pop punk scene is boring and needs a "kick" so I don't really think he knows what's what in the world of pop punk right now, but he's the reason I play bass so I'll always love him. :P
Clearly Mark hasn't watched The Wonder Years. They had one of the loudest sing along full sets of Riot Fest and had extra security called in because of the nonstop crowd surfers. Oh yeah and it was all in the rain!
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