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Shining -- Brooklyn, NY -- September 17th, 2013

Saint Vitus Bar in Greenpoint Brooklyn has been hosting a fair majority of the shows I've been attending, lately. They always seem to have the best line-ups for less mainstream acts, Shining being no exception. I have wanted to see this band since I first heard 2010's "Blackjazz" in its album cycle. Especially after hearing the frontman's contribution to Ihsahn's records, "After," and "Eremita."

Opening the show were two locals, Cryptodira, who play a sort of mesh between post-prog with jazzier sections reminiscent of early Cynic, arranged with a BTBAM mindset, and Alekhine's Gun, who are a pretty powerful death metal band that wears their influences proudly, but still stand out in a genre of repeats. Seriously, if you haven't heard of either of these bands, check them out.

I don't know AG's songs all that well, but, for whomever is interested, Cryptodira's set was as follows:

Birth of a King
Either Fly or Fall Faster
New Song
Allies to Ignorance

Of all the videos of their live performances (outside of a recent playthrough of their most up-to-date single "I Won't Forget," on a pile of rubble), I don't think I've ever seen them perform on a smaller scale stage. I was a little worried that the same effect of their live shows would be lost in a place as small as Saint Vitus. But, a band as technically proficient as Shining can perform flawlessly without a grand scale stage and light show. At the end of the day, it's all about the music.

And knowing they're a band that absolutely MUST be precise and on point with all of their songs, live, it makes their jams in the middle and ends of certain songs that much more striking. The fact that they can all just start going crazy in the middle of the chaos of their music and still be on point and get right back in time with each other at the moment of the songs they leave off is just that much more incredible.

See them if you have the chance, there's no telling when or even IF these guys will ever be back.

I Won't Forget
Blackjazz Rebels
My Dying Drive
The One Inside
The Red Room
The Hurting Game
How Your Story Ends
The Madness and the Damage Done
Healter Skelter
21st Century Schizoid Man

the last 2 songs were written on the set, but never played:

Exit Sun
10/31 either Mastodon or Primus
11/16 Alt-J
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