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Saxon -- Reading, PA -- September 17th, 2013

01 Back from the Edge
02 Breaking the Chains
03 This Holy War
04 Destiny Calls
05 Mask of Lies
06 Never Look Back

01 Sacrifice
02 Wheels of Terror
03 Power and the Glory
04 Heavy Metal Thunder
05 Made in Belfast
06 The Thin Red Line
07 Night of the Wolf
08 Motorcycle Man
09 Rock N Roll Gypsy
10 Guardians of the Tomb
11 Dallas 1 PM
12 Broken Heroes
13 747 (Strangers in the Night)
14 And the Bands Played On
15 Denim and Leather
16 Wheels of Steel
17 Strong Arm of the Law
18 Princess of the Night

Longest set of the tour so far for Saxon - it was the first time they played The Thin Red Line, Night of the Wolf, Broken Heroes, or And the Bands Played On so far on this tour. Thin Red Line was an especially nice surprise, as I'm always lobbying for them to play more material from the 1997-2005-ish period. Still nothing from Lionheart, but it's something.

All in all was a great experience. Due to a touring bill of Saxon, Fozzy, and Halcyon Way plus one other local support, we had to go on very early, but the turnout was decent, and we ended up selling a lot of merchandise and winning a bunch of new fans over. Was also great to see Saxon again and see all the guys again as well, they never disappoint. Biff even gave us a shout out onstage, which was rather nice!
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