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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
Little early in (4 tracks) but now I'm wishing that Ministry ended with Relapse. Opener is only song I like so far. It's not even a typical Ministry opener which is usually a great song. It's a little more slow, little more groove.

I worried when Al said it was gonna be a little slower. I was hoping it wouldn't be another Filth Pig album. Even though the songs aren't great, I like that they used more samples than they had in awhile. Probably good there's no tour for this album.

Not any better but I do like the throwback of there being a TV 4 on here.

Edit of Edit:
Worst album since Animositisomina. Only 2 decent songs on that album, only 3 I like on this album. Going out during Relapse would have at least been going out on a high note. This is not a high note. I still love Ministry, after being surprised at how good Relapse was I had high expectations.

I would still suggest:

Hail To His Majesty (Peasents)
Side F/X Includes Mikey's Middle Finger (TV4) - Only if you liked the other TV tracks
Thanx But No Thanx
Surprisingly I like the new Ministry more than the last one. I like the 3 songs you listed. Punch in the Face reminds me of Dark Spoon and PermaWar sounds like it could be on Filth Pig. Fairly Unbalanced has an old school feel to it and for some reason I found myself singing along to Change of Luck.

Maybe my expectations were low but I really enjoyed this cd except for 2-3 songs. I'm only 3 listens in but some of these songs I'd really like to hear live someday...
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