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I saw Danzig, Gwar, Andrew WK, and whoever played on the Rise Stage on Friday.

Andrew WK was awesome, the energy from the band and crowd was unreal. I thought it was unnecessary to have three guitarists, but whatever, one of them had Death t-shirt.

Gwar kicked ass. I've never seen them before (even though they're in Milwaukee every year), and I don't know what my problem was. Their show is so over the top and offensive and their music is actually pretty good. I ended up covered in fake blood (thanks to a female torso, the pope getting raped by a giant cross, Jesus being violently killed, amongst others) and it was bad ass.

Danzig was the main reason I went and was awesome. He still has the energy of a youngster and his voice was mostly awesome - sometimes when he would sing more powerful parts/yell it didn't sound as good, but that's okay. It was great hearing Devil's Plaything again as well as the other classics. The Misfits set was definitely the highlight, the crowd went totally ballistic, as did the band. I'm wondering if they had to cut some songs because Glenn mentioned how they were only allowed ten minutes left (before playing Last Caress). After Mother, there was about five minutes of cheering for them to come back out. After Die, Die, the crowd kept chanting "138! 138!" but they never came back out.

Some cool moments - during Skincarver, Glenn was running around going nuts on stage and collided into a crew member, not being phased or missing his cue to sing (the crew member was okay too). Also, like every Danzig show it seems, there were problems with some of the monitors and he flipped some. He got hit in the side of the face by a pair of sunglasses, didn't stop singing. During Astro Zombies he was standing on a monitor and fell off it onto his back, then pushed/flipped it over.

Overture of the Rebel Angel
Hammer of the Gods
Twist of Cain
Am I Demon
Her Black Wings
Devil's Plaything
Blood and Tears
Dirty Black Summer
How the Gods Kill
--Misfits set w/Doyle--
Death Comes Ripping
London Dungeon
I Turned Into a Martian
Astro Zombies
Last Caress
--Doyle leaves--
Die, Die My Darling
5/30 - Cryptopsy
6/18 - Crowbar
7/8 - Slayer/King Diamond
8/4 - Alice in Chains
9/30 - Mark Knopfler
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