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OK so, now that I'm actually properly home etc.

This all kind of kicked off with disappointment. We didn't leave Las Vegas until a little after 10am, so by the time we got to our hotel in California (inexplicably in Ontario), checked in, changed, and drove to San Manuel Amphitheatre, we'd already missed Warbringer (who cares) and Overkill Sabaton were one song into their set when we got to our seats.

The heat was pretty ridiculous, but by the time Testament started the sun had gone low enough that the stage was blocking it, at least where we were in orchestra 2, so it was all good from then on.

Seems 25 minutes between bands wasn't long enough for Testament's people or Anthrax's people. And only Testament's stage manager actually seemed bothered by this. It's always infuriating when everything on stage is set up, but the drum tech doesn't come out and tune/test the drums until the last minute. Obviously there could have been some other problem that prevented that from happening, but honestly, I doubt it as there was basically no other activity going on. So both Testament and Anthrax started late, but both finished on time, so probably a song or two by each was cut.

Testament were Testament. Reliable, heavy, usual setlist, etc. Anthrax the same, although they played a few 6-7 minute songs, so didn't fit so many in. Indians really doesn't need to go on that long. Both good, but neither were incredible. I've seen them both be better.

Megadeth however were excellent. Much better than the previous night in Vegas, much better sound (oddly, as Maiden's sound was better in Vegas), and above all much clearer vocals for Dave.

Maiden were, of course, Maiden. Flawless show as always, probably a slightly better performance than in Vegas, but not as good sound. Overall though, the best sound I've experienced to date in a US-style amphitheatre. Biggest disappointment with them was the appalling stock of shirt sizes. Couldn't get a large in any of the worthwhile designs, and what the fuck was with not having an official event shirt for this one? Didn't buy a thing.

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