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Originally Posted by smearCampaign View Post
With their accents you probably heard 8 as 18.

Your review has me wanting to drive down to San Antonio for this show. As much as I really want Vital to play something from Let Us Pray, they were still very good the one time I've seen them. And Vader is fucking Vader, so that goes without saying. You recall what Vader had in the way of merch?
Vaders merch selection was poor, they had one t-shirt available. It was an all over grey looking shirt, it was kind of odd looking. And they had 2 cds available, morbid reich, and Necropolis. And they had some home made odd looking thin black peices of fabric with glitter on them that said Vader and somthing else. Some kind of arm band i think! The merch guy said they ran out of all sizes of Vader tour shirts on the second day!
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