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The car ride back home was the complete opposite of the epiclly fun time we had at the show.

First off, it took us 2 hours from after the show ended to get out of the parking lot. Then once we were finally out, we were stuck in traffic for another hour in a stretch of about 6 miles due to road work. We stopped somewhere in Ontario for gas. now, everyone in my car was asleep and I was falling asleep behind the wheel while we were stuck in traffic. I had to drive all the way to Pico Rivera, then to Long Beach, then back to Pico. People familiar with the area knows that that would have taken about an hour and half. So I bought three energy drinks (it was a sale). I drank one on the way to Pico, but it didn't kick in, and I was still having trouble with the drive and staying awake, so I downed another one on the way to Long Beach, and the third on the way back. I didn't know that they took about an hour to kick in (I never drink any caffeine, whether it be energy drinks, soda, or coffee) and that, plus my small body weight and my lack of food throughout the day, set this up for disaster. When i got home I was wide awake. I wasn't sleeping anytime soon, so i went to a friend's house. Half way there, the other two hit me. It was the scariest feeling ever! My mind and body were moving at 100mph independently of each other! I had no control of myself. My friends were ready to beat my ass because they thought I was on crack cocaine or some shit, but I explained to them what happened, and they took care of me. It was a scary experience. I had 48 ounces of energy drink in me. It was brutal! I never want to drink any again, fuck that!
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