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So I've been looking for a place to crash fairly recently (long story), and I was planning on moving in with a friend of mine because the rent was cheap enough for me to afford with the job I have right now and I got along with him pretty well, but this past week showed me that this would be a bad idea.

Case in point, right after the Iron Maiden show on Tuesday, I used my own money to buy some beer from a store where we can build our own six packs and we found a bench to sit at while waiting for a ride home. I told him to set them down next to the bench before he sat down so he doesn't break them, because he has an insanely bad habit of being the reason why people can't have nice things (his name is actually used as a verb in our circle of friends to define a situation where someone completely and utterly fucks something up, especially if a person somehow breaks or screws up an object/musical instrument that worked just fine before the person used it), and this jackass sits down and then flat out drops them from where he's sitting about two feet to the pavement and breaks half of them, and then he wonders why I'm pissed at "a complete act of God" and won't let him have any of the other beer or at least have a sip (or in plain English, a large swig) of the Iron Maiden beer I'd traded two of my own beers for.

I was seriously going to let that go and just move on with my life, but then I found out that he had bitched to a mutual friend of ours that I dropped the beer myself and was being an "unfair asshole" by not letting him have any, proving that he has no sense of personal responsibility in the meantime, and then when I told him three days in advance when I would finally have some free time that wasn't absurdly late at night or at a terrible hour between classes and work to give him my half of the rent and move some of my stuff in, he blows me off and tells me he's off in East Austin jamming with some band and to do it tomorrow, a day that I close and have school the next day

...and this is after he won't stop texting me at 3:00 in the morning telling me to hurry and move in. So yeah, fuck this guy. I'd rather couch-hop for a couple of weeks and start working more hours to save up for an apartment than live with this irresponsible dillweed.
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