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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
This is the tour failure of the year.

Originally Posted by Ommie View Post
Yeah, probably either this or Gigantour.
A friend of mine does security for Live Nation and works a lot of gigs at Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. He was able to get the gate numbers for both of these shows as well as Mayhem.

Gigantour: 3,240
Mayhem: 2,809
Uproar: 6,691

I didn't go to Gigantour or Mayhem but did go to Uproar, and by the time Jane's started playing I thought it looked like there were a lot more than 6,700, since most of the lower level seats were filled and the lawn looked pretty well attended (at least compared to that in the picture by OP). He's informed me that that includes tickets scanned throughout the night. Molson Amphitheatre fits about 16,000 people (7,000 on the lawn and 9,000 in the seats). So maybe that includes if the lawn is jam packed. I don't know, I'm getting off topic here.

Now, 6,700 people on its own is pretty damn good. It's obvious AIC was the reason going to this tour for a lot of people, so a being able to pull that many people is nothing to sneeze at. In fact other than BlackDiamondSkye was there ever a time they were headlining huge arenas and amphitheatres? So that many people, which is enough to fill a lot of smaller arenas and then some, is pretty good for a band as "heavy" as AiC. Yeah they have a lot of radio hits, but outside of Metallica I can't think of a lot of hard rock/metal bands that can pull those kind of crowds these days. I just think a lot of these tours are being over ambitious when it comes booking the venues. Unfortunately it's not really a solvable problem since the only places they can do these kinds of all day festivals are at amphitheatres which hold 15,000+ people because of the space for the side stages and necessary amenities offered at these bathrooms. In a lot of cities the next best option is like a mid-sized theatre which would be too small to host something like this and don't provide stuff like food or necessary space for signings and sponsor booths and stuff. Gigantour went the large club/small arena route in 2008 and 2012 I think, so i don't know why they didn't do the same thing this time around, since I think those start more late afternoon and not early afternoon since they generally only have 4-5 bands now.

So....yeah....there's that.
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