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JR deserves a send-off that rivals HBK or Flairs (though Flair didn't deserve his). In fact, he deserves a bigger send-off. He deserves a whole Raw dedicated to him with an hour of the program just for speeches and tributes. Instead that moron Vince, that stupid bimbo Steph and that goddamn lapdog Triple H once again shit on one of the most important figures in WWF/E history. In history. He's just as important as Hogan, Austin or Cena. He's the voice of the WWE. They probably just did this so unceremonious because they're still waiting for the Micheal Cole experiment to succeed. Why do they downplay how important JR was/is? (I still stand on my soapbox and say that one of the big things that made me stop watching WWE on a regular basis was Micheal Cole on Raw). Maybe I'm too old school, maybe I need to get with the times. I don't think JR needs to be doing Raw anymore but he deserves to go out in style. Not be sent packing by those fucking moron McMahons. Not this way.
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