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I thought this tour would've drawn better if it was just an AIC tour with them doing a full headline set. You get maybe Coheed & Cambria and one of the other bands lower on the bill to open and leave it at that. On their own I think AIC can still draw pretty good, probably about 4,000-5,000. I think people are just tired of this festival bullshit now. Why are they gonna come out to see a band play an hour as a headliner? It was cool at first back when Ozzfest got popular and even the first few years of Mayhem it was fine. But the touring festival has gotten old here in North America over the last three or four years. It's time to let these bands get back to doing proper headlining tours again. This shit with the "co-headliners" only getting an hour to play is a scam and it looks like people are finally getting wise to it after what I've heard about the attendance for Uproar, Mayhem and Gigantour this year.
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