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i went to this show as well. i think i was the only one who had a good time haha. went from the very beginning and Charming liars was a real good band. after that went to go meet Walking Papers!! such an honor to meet Duff.

besides Alice in Chains..Walking Papers absolutley stole the show.Jeff Angel (singer) was just incredible with stage presence and intense vocal talent. the whole band is so unique and talented, its impossible not to like them. if you havent checked em out. DO IT NOW!

Dead Daises were there as well, never heard of them until a week ago. but holy shit did they rock!! Marco Mendoza!! Brian Tichy, Dizzy Fucking Reed, and Richard Fortuse. hell yeah! got to meet them all after their set, super nice guys, rocking band. go check them out as well!!

Got to the main stage midway through Circa Survive, my lord...they go in my top 5 list of worst bands ive ever witnessed live. lol just horrible.

Coheed and Cambria was next, i was also thrown off by the acoustic until he mentioned the drummers illness. but honestly idk..i just cant get into them at all, i kinda havent realized how or why they are as popular as they are.

okay, now for Jane's Addiction!!! at this point..this venue is still beyond empty. lawn must have 1,000 people on it, if that. lot of empty seats. i was the only janes addiction fan on the whole lawn! i was cheering, singing the words, having a good time. and everyone in the venue was golf clapping lol but i thought they rocked!! but you could tell, they cleary realized the crowd wasnt into them.

Jane's Addiction

Mountain Song
Just Because
Been Caught Stealing
Another Soulmate
Three Days
Ocean Size
Chip Away (this song was chipping away at my patience..way too long lol)
Jane Says

Alice in Chains came on finally!! first time ever seeing them (first for J Addiction as well) and man have the reviews about alice been true. they sound amazing, the whole show rocked!! wish i could of heard Down In A hole, but Nutshell was mezmerizing to hear. plus they played Last Of My Kind which i have always loved!

left halfway through Rooster to beat traffic.

overall, i had a blast. i think it was a great tour!! its a shame both these bands dont have a larger fanbase to fill ampitheaters. would love to see AIC in a smaller venue someday.
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