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Nails – Unsilent Death (2010)

This really needs to be a two-word review. And those two words are “Holy” and “Fuck”. That’s how damn good this album is. I was already blown away by 2013’s Abandon All Life from the second I heard it. Then I had some other people tell me that Unsilent Death was even better and I was like “yeah, sure, maybe, but how”? So I bought this album and expected to be very impressed. Not totally blown away, again. Serious, how this band can pack so much anger, intensity and fucking…awesomeness…into everything they put out is beyond me. Every riff is awesome, every vocal line is awesome, every song is awesome. Not a second of this albums scant fourteen minutes is wasted. This is just…fuck. This rules. It fucking rules. In January 2013 I had no idea who Nails were. Here we are in September and they’re one of my favorite bands. I can’t describe this other than by just saying that this is fucking awesome. Nails, if you ever read this…change nothing.
Favorite Song: Unsilent Death
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