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I was at that show with my 16 year old son in the second row. Fucking amazing night!!!! I managed to get the collectors cups before the show and yes they were gone after. I also snagged Dave Mustaine's pick during Megadeth as well as Davy and Adrian's during Maiden. Those cups, picks, my ticket stub as well as 2 empty bottles of Trooper that I got the night before the show are being shadow boxed with the SSOASS poster from Metal Hammer magazine. I also noticed that Davy and Steve gave their wristbands to this 10 year old girl who managed to make it to the front with some help from me and the people around me, classy move by both. It was the second time my son and I had made a decent drive for a Maiden show, with the other being Dallas last summer with Coheed and Cambria which is my son's favorite band but nothing can compare to being that close to the stage for Maiden. (except for up against the barrier) I also stuck around KC for the Tigers Royals game the next day as well, since my Fiancee is a massive Tigers fan she drove up to meet us on sunday. Now I can't wait for them to come back through again.

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