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Originally Posted by MetalIsArt View Post
What caused the water being so deep between Homme & the rest anyway?

The story I've read from Bjork is that once they got signed to a label Homme learned of publishing rights and the money that could be made from them and he got greedy. Due to the money he could get from publishing rights he (Homme) starting refusing to play songs the other members wrote. That's what caused Bjork to leave the band.

That said, I've never heard Homme's side of the story. But the fact that he sued the band for using the Kyuss Lives! monkier and making money off it makes me think that money is the driving force again.

There have always been rumours of a full-on Kyuss reunion but Homme still makes more money with Queens of the Stone Age then he'd ever make with Kyuss, so I doubt it will ever happen.
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