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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
What exactly is Cepsum like? I can't seem to find any info on the concert "area". Are the shows in the hockey arena, or in the gym or somewhere else?
It is a ice hockey rink with stands on just one side, there is a lot of them (see picture below), the stage is facing the stands ont the ice in the midle on the side where there is no stands. So the floor is very large and the sound is okay from what I remember. (I saw SOAD in 2002 and COB (with Lamb Of God) in 2009).

The two biggest problem are

1: Going in: There is just one place to enter and it is very small, they let you in almost 1 by one and the security there gives you a body search almost up to your private parts. This is extremely long and both time I went there I've missed some openers because of that and it was not a badlucks. The line to go in is huge and goes fucking slow to enter. Remember this place holds up to 5100 ! I read about it and it's always like that

2: Toilets. There's some nice bathrooms in the stands but thet won't give you access to them because I think you can also have access to the university in the same hallway. So they put security there and no access. Instead they have some Johnny-On-The-Spot on one side of the ice on the floor, separated by a curtain. So 5000 SOAD or Children of Bodom fans who drink beer like there's no tomorrow are to share around 25 of those . it's was crazy both times, Imagine for .5layer ! One time I had to pee on the floor near the curtain The lines are huge , same for the beer,coat check and merch stand. This place is just bad...

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