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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
What exactly is Cepsum like? I can't seem to find any info on the concert "area". Are the shows in the hockey arena, or in the gym or somewhere else?
Im not exactly sure if its the gym or the arena. Ive seen Primus (Hallucino-Genetics-Frizzle Fry tour) there and LoG (Wrath tour) a few yrs ago. Even as I got in, I wasnt sure if it was either or. Its kinda like an auditorium style but wide instead of long. Half the venue is auditorium seats and then a wide floor. Both shows I saw had great sound though! Its also unfort its there as its out of the way from the Ste Catherine core. Was hoping it woulda been Metropolis of course.

Being a Sat night, Im staying over, Im not driving back to Ottawa after this show!! Be my 14th time seeing Slayer!! Possibly the last too Too me, it's still 2.75 of Slayer with Paul there! \m/\m/ Either way, can't wait!!
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