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I've honestly never really listened to Kyuss, but I thought this album was pretty good. Some of the songs drag quite a bit, but Adara, Dragona Dragona and Planets 1 & 2 are all excellent songs.

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Iím very confused over the label that the band released this on. When I think of Napalm Records I think of European Symphonic Metal, not Californian Desert Rock. This is probably the only album Napalm has ever released with a front cover that doesn't have boobs, a dragon or a sword on it. Iím sure there was interest from a lot of labels, how they settled on Napalm Records really baffles me. That this ended up on Napalm Records and not on Ipecac, Southern Lord or one of the many other labels that release stoner/desert rock will always confuse me.
The stoner rock band Monster Magnet has also been on Napalm Records for like four years. It confused the hell outta me when they sent me a compilation and there was a Monster Magnet song on it to break up all the folk metal.
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