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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
Later on in the set he was looking at me and the people right next to me in the front row and mouthing something but I really couldn’t tell what it was.
Great review!
The first time he asked each one of us if we were all right. The next time he did it, (in the video), he looked at each one of us & said "Yeah?" like 'did we like it' & grinned really big after. I felt bad because I was getting a migraine & hated looking unenthused for him!? But the next night was a complete turnaround when some guy in the photo pit early on handed me a Murray pick & said "you take this for being just about the only female up here & singing every word with the guys!" Whatever, I'll take it!
Bruce didn't do as much of that interaction the second night, but I enjoyed being out of the humidity & loved both shows equally!
Nice to meet you & glad you scored all that loot--you deserved it!
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