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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
This. I hate when kids that don't like hardcore at all try throwing down during a normal metal show then proceed with getting pissed when everyone moshes. You throw down at hardcore shows and mosh during a metal show. Simple.

Originally Posted by HackedUpForBBQ View Post
You're right about the convenience and the price tag for sure, I just sincerely enjoy having a physical copy with the artwork, insert, CD/vinyl, etc. I'm on the fringe of being an obsessive collector too so that doesn't help my cause when I'm trying to save money. I just love it, though!
I am the same way. If I walk into a record store when I have barely enough money to cover the shit I actually need to cover, there is a big chance I will spend money I shouldn't. But I just love physical copies so much

I hate when you start talking to the cashier or a worker in a record store(or any store really) and they seem really chill and cool and interested in the conversation and then they just say something that makes you realize they just want you to buy something.
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