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Staind- Break the Cycle

Don't worry I'm not letting this die, it has been very busy for me but I will keep this going

1. "Open Your Eyes"
2. "Pressure"
3. "Fade"
4. "It's Been Awhile"
5. "Change"
6. "Can't Believe"
7. "Epiphany"
8. "Suffer"
9. "Safe Place"
10. "For You"
11. "Outside"
12. "Waste"
13. "Take It"

I feel like the one band that just exploded in 2001 more than anyone else not just in metal but all music was Staind with Break the Cycle; I had no clue who these guys were outside of hearing Mudshovel a couple times and not connecting the dots that these were the same guys. This is the album I enjoyed the most in 2001 and also got the most work out of my CD player. BTC is a great mix of heavy tracks like Open Your Eyes, Can't Believe and Suffer along with very radio friendly hits like Outside and of course It's Been a While. Like them or not you have to admit Aaron Lewis has a serious set of pipes on him, and the band is not afraid to go after darker lyrical material with drugs, suicide and depression being major themes here which was perfect for the 10th grade me. It is too bad that they did so good on this album because for me everything thing else they did after this did not come close. As stated in my concert review of the Family Values tour Staind was a great live band and the material played off BTC translated very well live. I don't get quite as much when I listen to this today, but I give this album credit for not just evolving my musical tastes, but giving me a safer outlet for my TEEN ANGST GOD NO ONE LIKES ME back in the day

Today's score 8.5/10
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