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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
No wrestling fan has or ever will say "It's good to see Bo Dallas again" I'm a little surprised to see that they came back to Brooklyn so quickly. Didn't they just have a RAW or SD taping there a few months ago? I know it's a highly populated area but they should at least have about 6 months between visits. It seems like they came back too soon and got a shit crowd because of that. I haven't been to a house show in a long time but there are always fun.
Anybody connected to IRS is a welcome sight, hence my soft spot for Bo Dallas. But yea, Raw was just a few months ago at Barclays, and Smackdown just before that at Nassau Coliseum. And Raw is at Nassau again the Monday after Thanksgiving (2 Overkill shows on the Sat/Sun, Raw on Monday and Slayer on Wed :frigginawesome

Crowd was sparse because let's face it, they charge too much for house shows, it's the same price as Raw for gods sakes, at least lower the price by a touch or at least Groupon the damn things off. I got mine on the cheap through Stubhub, no way I'm paying full price.
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