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Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
Went to a WWE house show in Brooklyn tonight, not bad at all. House shows are cool because they actually wrestle and keep the drama BS to a real minimum, you also get to see younger talent perform so it's fun. Matches are longer hence less matches than a TV taping. Good to see Bo Dallas again, haven't seen the guy since Rumble. Not even close to packed, the crowd sucked except obviously for DB's entrance. Heyman was the usual gold on the mic. All in all pretty fun.

Rvd vs Ambrose
Real Americans vs Bo Dallas & Sami Zayn (NXT)
Natalya vs Brie Bella
CM Punk vs Curtis Axel
Drew McIntyre vs Tyson Kidd
Uso's vs Reigns/Rollins
Orton vs Bryan
This would have been great to see!
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