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Im pretty sure I had my elbows on the stage right next to you during Suffocations whole set lol, were you they guy I slapped in the back of the hand when you got Franks high five first?

But anyways, although the turn out was shit, I had a fuckin great time! After getting lost in the streets of Toronto for awhile I grabbed a cab and got to the venue halfway through the first bands set. They were called "Answers With Metal" and the were pretty decent power/heavy metal except the singer was a bit iffy. Sometimes he sounded great, other times awful. Next up was "Wretchedpain", a death metal band from Niagara Region, and one they only local i had actually heard anything by besides Crimson Shadows. I kinda know the singer from going to shows in St.Catherines, and I was stoked to finally get to check em out. They play a somewhat simple groovy style death metal and were really solid live. Im gonna grab their new album which is coming out in a month I think.

Next was "Deathpoint", a standard metal core band. Not bad but not my thing. Next was "Beheading of a King" from Quebec and played deathcore, and just from watching them set up, which included practicing those stupid squat things and bitching about the samples not working or something, I could tell i wasnt going to enjoy it. Apart from the rare cool riff, they just chugged away. The best part about the was the guitarist hot girlfriend and their merch table,which they packed up and left the venue by time Augury was on.

Vesperia were next, and they fuckin rocked, probably my favorite local of the night. The lead guitarist was amazing, and never went overboard with the shred, but still let it rip at times. Crimson Shadows kicked ass too, although I think they need to cut back on the noodle shred a bit.

Then it was time for the mighty Augury, the band I had came to see, and holy fucking shit tits they were amazing. they blew my already high expectations out of the fucking universe! Hopefully their third album gets recorded soon. I should have the setlist later today, I dont know their songs by name, mostly by riffs and its been awhile since I have listened to them. Skullfist was next and were a ton of fun. My favorite part was when the guitarist got on the other guitarist shoulders for the solo battle
Then came Kittie who I have heard of for years now but also wrote of as a gimmick but were totally solid and rocked the fuck out. They really impressed me and were the best surprise of the night.

And finally, after being stuck in the Opera house since about 2:30, it was time for Suffocation, my third time seeing them and they did what they always do, fucking destroy! I had never been on the rail for any band ever before, and there was no rail Honestly what else is there to say? I got to high five frank multiple times (and the back of adamclark52s hand i think ) and Guy handed me his pick after the show.

tl;dr Check out Wretchedpain if you like death metal, Vesperia and Crimson Shadows if you like folky amon amarth meets dragonforce metal, Augury is amazing and Forrest is the best bassist in modern metal, Skullfist if youre stuck in the 80's and love to have fun, and Kittie is actually pretty good

Oh and Suffocation is the heaviest band ever!
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