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My personal thoughts:

Iron Maiden was everything I thought it would be and more. Like honestly, this is probably the only thing that I've had hyped up so hard and it actually exceeded my expectations. When they were playing The Prisoner and Aces High and The Trooper and The Evil That Men Do, I was in fucking heaven.

The crowd was pretty good from where I was for most of the songs, though I was kind of disappointed there wasn't more singing along to songs like Seventh Son and Phantom of the Opera, but it more than made up for it for how crazy everyone went for the hits, especially NOTB and Fear of the Dark. Singing along with Peace Sells with everyone used to be one of my favorite concert memories, but now the chilling feeling I get when everyone was singing along with the opening of Fear of the Dark is my favorite concert moment ever. May just have been the best concert experience of my life!

Also Megadeth was really good. Dave kept his mouth shut and just shred, which is exactly what I wanted him to do. Tornado of Souls rules!
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