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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
T-Shirt worn: Belphegor "Goatreich - Fleshcult"
I definitely must have seen you at some point because I saw someone with a Belphegor shirt. I was wearing an Alice Cooper shirt/Sabaton hoodie!

Doors for this show were at 2pm and I didnít get there until 9pm, so I missed a lot. I know some other guys were going to this so maybe they can fill in some of the blanks.
I got a few of the sets:

Vesperia (incomplete):

The Swordsman
To Times End We Ride

Vesperia were awesome! My old guitar teacher is the lead guitarist for this band and he/they are really talented. I'm generally not into the more folky stuff, but it's really well done. I picked up their album towards the end of the show.

Crimson Shadows:

Freedom and Salvation
Maiden's Call
Moonlit Skies and Bloodied Tides
Kingdom of Ale
Lost In A Dark Forest
Beyond the Mountain Wasteland

Crimson Shadows is always fun. I didn't really want to stand at the front again, but the venue was pretty empty, and I don't really want to be near any moshing. Unlike Vesperia, Crimson did not sound great, and I attribute that to the Opera House's general terrible sound, as none of the other bands ever really sounded that good (and I was standing behind the sound guy for most of the other bands)

Skull Fist (complete, somewhat in order):

Sign of the Warrior
Get Fisted
Ride the Beast
Like A Fox
Blackout (?)
Commit to Rock
Heavier Than Metal
Ride On
No False Metal
Head of the Pack

This was by far the best band of the night! The only song I didn't get to hear that I wanted to was "Commanding The Night", but it was a great set otherwise. At one point, Jackie Slaughter jumped out into the crowd and started shredding as he walked all throughout the bottom floor "pit" area of the venue. Overall, they have a ton of energy, and traditional heavy metal is always really fun. "Commit to Rock" was the highlight for me as that song just has a great stomping rhythm to it. Also, I think they played "Blackout". I don't have the EP it's on, but I know they played every other track off of it, and this was the only song I couldn't recognize, but other people seemed to know the words, so that must have been it.

The Agonist was the only other "name" band that was supposed to play at one of these shows and they dropped off.
I don't think they dropped off. The promoter had to kick off half of the bands to get it to fit into one day, so I assume they unfortunately were one of the bands kicked off. It actually worked out better for me, because the three day 1 bands I wanted to see were still there, and the one day 2 band I wanted to see played (and I couldn't go to day 2 anyways).

There were barely two hundred people there when I showed up six hours after doors for Skull Fist. The few people that were there for them seemed really into them. I don't really care for thrash metal so I can't say I liked them.
Yeah this was probably the emptiest I've seen The Opera House. Not a great turnout, and like you said, I couldn't believe how many people left after Kittie. I think it's probably a bit higher than you estimated though. I thought there were maybe around 300 people there during Kittie.

I enjoyed Kittie. I don't like what I've heard of their music, but there are some thrashy moments live, and the singer isn't bad. I appreciated that the singer seemed a bit more real in stage banter than the typical pre-determined tour banter. She knew that they weren't playing in front of the ideal audience, but I underestimated their draw as a lot of people left after them. Like you said, I won't be going to buy any of their records, but they weren't terrible.

Suffocation was ok. I like their music, but they're one of those bands that I struggle to identify a lot of songs (based on Effigy, and Pierced; don't have any others), and it came across that way live. Had he not announced song titles, I would have only recognized "Liege of Inveracity". It might also be the way they contrasted Skull Fist, but they weren't quite what I was hoping. I probably won't rush to see them again unless there are some great opening bands.

The poor advertising didn't help. Note to promoters: I don't have facebook and a lot of other people don't either. So if you only promote on facebook a lot of people don't know you're promoting something. I donít even think there were a hundred people there.
Even when it comes to Facebook, I don't think it was advertised well there. This was supposed to be a co-presentation with Inertia Entertainment, and I think I saw it mentioned once on his Facebook page, which obviously has a lot more followers. Aside from that, I don't know how it was promoted at all. I saw the drummer of Crimson Shadows and guitarist for Vesperia mention it on Facebook, but it isn't really their job to promote it. Even if you don't like Facebook, it's worth having just to keep up with shows. It's how I find out about the vast majority of shows I go to.

There's another Spread the Metal Festival in Halifax sometime this month with most of the same bands, except Deicide is headlining. Judging by the turnout for this show I'd expect them to drop out. I can't see Glen Benton playing for free. As it stands I won't be holding my breath for Spread the Metal 2014.
I think this one already happened. Also, it's likely the Halifax one draws a lot better because they've been doing it a lot longer and will probably get repeat business. Still though, they definitely need to find a way to get more people out.
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