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Spread the Metal Festival -- Toronto, Ontario -- September 7th, 2013

Spread the Metal Festival
Featuring: Suffocation, Kittie, Skull Fist, Augury, Crimson Shadows, Vesperia, Beheading of a King, Deathpoint, Wretchedpain and Answer with Metal
Date: Saturday September 7th, 2013
Venue: the Opera House in Toronto, Ontario
T-Shirt worn: Belphegor "Goatreich - Fleshcult"

Doors for this show were at 2pm and I didn’t get there until 9pm, so I missed a lot. I know some other guys were going to this so maybe they can fill in some of the blanks.

This was some mini-festival put on by some record label based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia that I've never heard of featuring a bunch of local bands I've never heard of. I'm sure there was probably one or two bands playing that I may have enjoyed but I can't stand in a club for nine hours hoping to hear something I may like. The show had a very amateur battle-of-the-bands feel to it. It was originally going to take place over two days but since the two headliners (Suffocation and Kittie) can barely fill a venue half the size of the Opera House on their own on a good night it got amalgamated into one night. The Agonist was the only other "name" band that was supposed to play at one of these shows and they dropped off. Judging by the turnout I'd be hard-pressed to believe that anyone (save Suffocation and maybe Kittie) was even getting paid. This was a charity show for some organization called KIVA, so maybe they weren't getting paid anyway. The show was very poorly advertised. I only knew about it because someone else on this forum mentioned it in their signature.

There were barely two hundred people there when I showed up six hours after doors for Skull Fist. The few people that were there for them seemed really into them. I don't really care for thrash metal so I can't say I liked them.

Kittie were the co-headliners. I respect Kittie for sticking to their guns and doing what they enjoy doing despite all the criticism over the years. Fifteen years ago everyone thought they were a novelty act created by a label. But the fact that they're still around today tells me that they legitimately enjoy making the music they make. So while I do respect them I can't say I've ever enjoyed them. I thought they were terrible fifteen years ago when they first came around, I didn't care for them the last time I heard any new music from them five or six years ago and I still don't really like them. But they weren't entirely horrible. I liked that they played most of their set seamless. I like it when bands do that. That, or they played four fifteen minute songs. I know they played Spit and Charlotte, and no Brackish (thank god). The only songs I didn’t care for where the later songs that were going for more of a “rock” feel. Their “metal” songs were actually pretty good. Their singer is very pretty now that she’s grown up. And their bassist is an eleven out of ten. So there I go, I praise the band for getting past the whole image thing and just doing their thing and all I have to say about them is how pretty they are. I won’t ever buy Kitties albums or go out of my way to see them live but when people bash them I will defend them.

Suffocation was the only reason I came to this show. I don't know how the organizers managed to get them to play but they're one of my favorite bands so that was all I needed. I didn't even know going in if Frank was singing for them tonight. There were even rumors that they weren't playing. But when I saw Frank standing to the side of the stage during Kittie I knew all was well in the world. I was able to get right to the front of the stage for their set but the sound was worse there than when I was standing a few people back. But it didn’t matter. When will I ever get to be five inches from Frank as he’s belting out Thrones of Blood? The band sounded awesome, even from where I was, so I imagine they sounded even better in the middle of the venue. There was a surprisingly scant few people there. Even less than when I saw them this past April. I guess a lot of people left after Kittie or had been there all day and were exhausted and tired. Or maybe Suffocation isn't as big a draw as I thought they are. The poor advertising didn't help. Note to promoters: I don't have facebook and a lot of other people don't either. So if you only promote on facebook a lot of people don't know you're promoting something. I don’t even think there were a hundred people there.

1. Thrones of Blood
2. As Grace Descends
3. Catatonic
4. Funeral Inception
5. Rapture of Revocation
6. Abomination Reborn
7. Liege of Inveracity
8. Pierced from Within
9. Purgatorial Punishment
10. Cataclysmic Purification
11. My Demise
12. Infecting the Crypts

There's another Spread the Metal Festival in Halifax sometime this month with most of the same bands, except Deicide is headlining. Judging by the turnout for this show I'd expect them to drop out. I can't see Glen Benton playing for free. As it stands I won't be holding my breath for Spread the Metal 2014.
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