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Originally Posted by rjturtle9 View Post

And Ziggler is world champ material. Did you see his pop when he cashed in on Del Rio? And that was when he was heel. The guy is mad over with the fans.
You mean the pop he got from all the diehard fans who attended the RAW after wrestlemania? Yeah, I heard it and it was a great reaction but it is something that he will not ever be able to duplicate again. There's a huge group of diehard WWE fans who seem to love him but when it comes to wrestling fans as a whole, most don't give a shit about him. Sorry, I don't care how hard you work, if all you do is sell or oversell your opponents offense and have nothing else going for you how are you world championship material? Ziggler is nothing more than a very good seller, that's it. He has very little personality, can't talk for shit and his offense is weak as hell and not believable. The Zigzag? What the hell is that? That move shouldn't even be able to put Hornswaggle down for a three count.

I don't hate Ziggler but the amount of love he gets from some people is really baffling. There's nothing wrong with being a good mid card guy and putting on good matches for your whole career. Plenty of guys have had memorable careers doing just that. Just because you think someone is good doesn't mean they should be a world champ. Ziggler is IC/US title level for life.

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