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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
That segment, that fucking segment. Here I go.

There's one line in that promo that still drives me crazy. It's when Bischoff says "If I would’ve been able to sign you to Nitro I know who would’ve been able to win the Monday Night Wars.", then sucks Triple H’s dick for a minute. Serious? I can think of three guys that would've made way more an impact if they'd have jumped to WCW: Stone Cold, the Rock and the Undertaker. Triple H was popular but I think he registered even lower on the radar the Mick Foley and Kane in those days. And there were some guys that had jumped from WCW that would’ve probably made a bigger impact if they went back. He was, at best, an upper-midcarder in the golden age of the Monday Night Wars. Him jumping to WCW wouldn't have even moved the needle. His first title reign in late 1999 may not have even happened if it wasn’t for the fact that Stone Cold and the Undertaker went out within a few months of each other with bad injuries. I didn't hate him so much at first when he got the title. I was just a little confused that he got it because I didn't see him as a main-eventer. It was the following months where it just got old. It goes back to how this topic got started with how every goddamn Raw started out with him talking about a) who he was going to beat at the next pay-per-view or b) who he just beat at the last pay-per-view. And I hate Stephanie McMahon SO MUCH too so that didn't help either.

I probably just “mark out” too much when I go on about Triple H. Maybe he just is the greatest heel of the modern era. Maybe I just read too much into the backstage politics and stories I read online. And really, some of the people he buried in the years after this promo weren’t really people that needed to be champion anyway. Did we really need to see the belt around Kane, Scott Steiner, Rob Van Dam, Booker T and Kevin Nash’s waists? No, none of them (except Booker) were really right for the belt for one reason or another.

But it was a known fact in those days that Triple H was dating the bosses daughter and was playing the backstage politics game. Back to the promo where he was given the belt. Just the fact that one line is fed from the Triple H machine is wrong on so many levels. And you can tell in Bischoffs voice that there is no sincerity to it. I hated Triple H before that promo but I loathed him after that one line. Just giving him the belt was bad enough but that he tried to put himself over so many greater stars from the Attitude era in doing it. Because I believe that whole scenario was pitched by him and his dumb bitch wife to put him over everyone. That's why to this goddamn day I hate him.
The promo accomplished what it set out to do then. I think you're underestimating just how popular Triple H was during the attitude era. From when he became the leader of DX all the way up to when he tore his quad in 2001 he was one of most consistently over guys on the roster. He was easily a top five guy during most of that time and was the number two guy in the company when Austin was out for a year with his neck injury. The only ones above Triple H in the attitude era pecking order were Austin, Rock, Taker and maybe Foley for a little while, that's it. Kane was up there to but he never reached the level Triple H did. Triple H going to Nitro during the monday night wars most certainly would've shifted the needle and got people to watch. The curiosity of what WCW would do with him would've been too high. Don't let your hatred for him cloud your judgment on just how over he was and how much he meant to the WWF from 1998-2001. I hate The Rock but it can't be denied how popular he was/is and what he's done for the wrestling business.

The line Bischoff said about winning the war if he had Triple H was just a way to put him over as a big deal. Just like Tony Schivoney used to call each Nitro "the biggest night in the history of out sport" even though it wasn't. It's just how you put over the current product/wrestler by making it sound like the greatest thing ever. JBL calls Del Rio a great world champion even though all his title reigns have sucked. Again, it's just a way to put over the current talent.

Don't forget Triple H became a world champ before he ever started going out with Stephanie. He earned his main event spot when he originally got it. No doubt his marriage to Stephanie has helped his career out greatly, but I honestly think he would've been a multiple time world champ if he didn't marry her. I'm sure it's helped him get a few extra title runs but he still would've been a permanent fixture in the main event for a number of years without being a member of the McMahon family. The guy was that good of a performer at one point which is something people like to forget once they find out who he's married to. As far as his politics go, if anybody is married to the bosses daughter and doesn't use that to their advantage in their career then they are just flat out stupid because we all would do that if we were in that situation.

The only time I was really pissed at Triple H is when he beat Booker T at wrestlemania. There was no doubt Booker should've won that match but HHH made him look like shit and the racists, dick heel won the feud which should just never happen in wrestling.

Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
Yeah, I thought that's where they might be going after RAW. What happened on Smackdown confirms it now. At least Ziggler is back down on the card and challenging for the title he should be. The guy just isn't world title material.

Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
He's been like that ever since he came to the WWE. I don't get why he's just a jobber and doesn't at least have a steady spot in the mid card similar to Kofi? The guy can't talk too well but he certainly has the look and a move set that can excite the crowd. Remember how over he got the 450 splash during the nexus angle? He would make a solid IC/US champ, not sure why they can't make room for him to be a regular on the TV?