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Originally Posted by Sinister_Chalupa666 View Post
Trips name dropped the cruiserweight and European championships. Hopefully its a sign to come cause that would be awesome.
Bringing in more titles is a bad idea. They don't even have enough contenders to challenge for the belts they have on TV regularly now. Who's challenging Axel for the IC title right now? Who is Ambrose's next US title defense gonna be against? Nobody is feuding with Rollins & Reigns for the tag belts at the moment either. Bringing back old titles won't do anything because the mid card sucks. They're doing a decent enough job of making the current mid card champs look good, the problem they have is that none of the guys that can challenge for these titles are built up enough to be credible threats. You can make a case for The Uso's and The Prime Time Players for the tag titles but that's really it at the moment.
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