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Stone Temple Pilots -- Bethlehem, PA -- September 4th, 2013

This show was advertised as Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington. I wanted to go to this show but the tickets were $50 before all the Ticketbastard fees, so I figured nah. But then, 2 weeks ago I got an email from Groupon for $30 tickets and I had a $10 credit on Groupon, so I got a ticket for $20!

The Sands Bethlehem Event Center is a newish place. They opened last year and the first show I saw there was King's X and Kansas. It's a pretty cool venue. Really big, good sound and security is pretty cool. Most of the time the shows have seats but this concert was general admission standing! As for STP, I've seen them a few times in the early 90s, always as an opening act. I saw them open for everyone from Blind Melon to Ministry to Megadeth. Yes, Megadeth! I only saw them headline once for the Purple album. I am not the biggest fan but I really dug their first 2 records as a young man. And I am a fan of Chester Bennington's voice but not his band so much (does that make sense?). So, I thought this was a perfect combo. Onto the show.

I got to the Event Center about 7:45 and walked right up to the stage, about 3 rows back from the barricade. Filter took the stage right at 8:00pm. I saw Filter a couple times in the 90s and thought they were ok but man, Richard Patrick is probably one of the corniest frontmen of all time. To give you an idea how corny, the first thing he said after the very first song was, "I used to play guitar for Nine Inch Nails." Translation: "Remember me from the 90s? I used to be cool." Yikes! But the music sounded ok, when he didn't ruin it by yelling for us to "throw your motherfucking hands up! Pump your fists like this!" Hoofah! They played until 8:50pm and Richard said he would be at the merch booth to sign and take pics. Pretty cool of him. Here's their set lists for those that care:

Filter set list

1. (Can't You) Trip Like I Do
2. Jurassitol
3. We Hate It When You Get What You Want
4. What Do You Say
5. Take A Picture
6. Surprise
7. It's Got To Be Right Now
8. Soldiers Of Misfortune
9. Hey Man Nice Shot

There was a 25 minute changeover and Stone Temple Pilots and Chester took the stage at 9:15, kicking off with a great opener, Down! In fact the first 3 songs were really huge hits. You know a band has a lot of hits when they burn 3 of their biggest ones in the first 10 minutes! The band sounded really huge and was tight as hell. They were all smiles and headbanging and rocking out for the entire 80 minute show.

As for Chester, I think he fits in perfectly. He sounds enough like Weiland to not disappoint the hardcore fans but retains his originality and brings a lot to the band. I actually think he can out sing Weiland. He's a few years younger and has more power in his voice. Also, he doesn't bring all the baggage to the band that Weiland did. I got to say though that I am not a huge fan of the only song they've released so far, Out Of Time. But I look forward to hearing the entire EP when it is released next month. Hopefully the other songs won't be so formulaic radio rock. Because this band really seems to revel in playing some of their rarely heard, harder edged, deep album cuts with Chester. I mean, I never thought I'd hear them play great tunes like Piece Of Pie or Sex & Violence ever again.

The crowd was receptive and really loud all night. I think the place was pretty much full but I couldn't be sure because of my position in the front. But the guy behind me chanting Chester all night between every song was quite annoying. Yeah, he's cool, but come on dude!

To sum up, I'm glad I was able to get a cheap ticket and attend this show. It was the first show they EVER played, according to Dean, and the band was great! And surprise, they didn't play Plush!! Haha, hundreds of disappointed soccer moms in the crowd for sure. Besides that song is not a good representation of what this band can do. I'm glad they retired it for this incarnation of the band. Also, no Creep either. These songs were overplayed anyway and I'm sure the band feels the same way. Good riddance!

Stone Temple Pilots set list

1. Down
2. Big Bang Baby
3. Vasoline
4. Dead & Bloated
5. Out Of Time
6. Silvergun Superman
7. Church On Tuesday
8. Big Empty
9. Sour Girl
10. Interstate Love Song
11. Pop's Love Suicide (first time played since 1997)
12. Hollywood Bitch
13. Sex Type Thing
14. Sex & Violence
15. Wicked Garden
16. Piece Of Pie
17. Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart
Mark Knopfler - 10/17
Spirit Caravan - 10/18
King Diamond - 11/25
C.O.C. + Brant Bjork - 11/29
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